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A definite head turner! This Japanese Tanuki fur coat features a luxurious, ultra plush and thick, extremely soft fur with distinctive golden highlights that are best captured in direct sunlight. Tanuki is known for its warmth and elegance, and this coat exceeds expectations. It is a heavy coat, perfect for combining elegance with warmth. The fur and black satin-like lining are both in brand new condition. Up close, Tanuki looks similar to mink, but the nap hairs are longer, and the underfur is thicker. But what makes this fur really stand out is its sleek and polished appearance. You can really capture this feature in my video. The pelts move so gracefully as you walk, and the intense shine of the nap fur is eye-catching. Extra long length, long cuffed sleeves, wide collar, and extra wide sweep add to its elegance. The manufacturer is Evans Collection. There's a small monogram.

Approx Measurements:

Length: 53"

Sleeves: 27"

Sweep (hem): 60"

Collar at widest point: 7"

Armpit to armpit: 23"

Shoulder to shoulder: 29"

Works well for sz L or XL, or for an oversized look for a sz M person as pictured.

Exquisite Mink & Fox Long Fur Coat with Rolling Sleeves

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